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Hi Everyone,  This is to anyone who follows LeanintoDesign. First off thank you for clicking ! If it weren't for you guys there would be no reason for me to do this. This blog just got over 60 visitors a day two days running. Which is a massive achievement.  As you can probably tell I'm... Continue Reading →

I'm using Co-Schedule free for 14 days to see if it does anything to my social profile. I've been asking people how they see me through my online profile prior to signing up and I'm going to ask again afterwards to see if the results have worked in both the digital and the real world,... Continue Reading →

From Product to Collection – All you need to know.

Tips, tricks and updates from the experts at Cadassist

What is he talking about? I’m guessing that’s the question on your mind right now?

Autodesk are offering the capability to upgrade from a single product, think Inventor/Revit to an Industry Collection at almost no additional cost. Then have decided that the future of products is in offering a wider range of products focused on specific industry segments, with the option to supplement these offerings with cross segment software easily, if needed. They have also decided to make it easier to load and unload products/services as and when you need them.

One benefit for example – If you have a 3 month peak of work, hire in contract engineers, hire the software they need, and once the peak has leveled off, turn off the additional workers, the software and the payments. It’s like adding sky sports to your subscription for the football season and removing it to save money in…

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Stay with me here as I'll skip from friendly banter to a very important issue.  OK, I know my blog is a pretty small community of mostly close (and from this suggestion warped) friends, so this post varies wildly from what I expected my blog to look like. Thanks for the suggestion Paula, I've made... Continue Reading →

Autodesk AnyCAD – Making light work of CAD interoperability

AnyCAD info by @Cadassist

Tips, tricks and updates from the experts at Cadassist

Working in Industry can be a nightmare, suppliers use one CAD (Computer Aided Design) system, and customers use another. This can lead to a spider web of 2D and 3D data that has to have multiple versions of the same data.

This isn’t a problem, I mean, storage is cheap now a days and storing all of these format variants doesn’t take up too much space on your server. A Catia file here, a step file there, O’look Native data, thank heavens I don’t have to translate this.

There are a few problems with this type of system, for the full article check out the Cadassist blog.

For more information on AutoCAD software and training, contact us.  To keep up to date with Autodesk and Cadassist news, don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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