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Boxing update – Today is the day

Ok so I've missed a week of writing. Don't worry it will come in droves after the fight, I've just been focusing on the doing not the documenting this week.  This week has all been about the slow movements that have now been forced into my subconscious. Jab, chin down. Roll, guard up. 1, 2,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Boxing update – Making Weight, or trying to?

I'm trying to hit a target. 106kg, for some this may be easy, for others, like myself, may seem like a real stretch target. I work in an office where the average weight is probably 20kg less than my target.  I have to hit 106kg for the boxing on the 30th of July. We completed... Continue Reading →

Hi Everyone, I'm back again, finally, with a blog post about a boxing event (not lean or design, sorry). Life got in the way, Hen-Do (for the wife), Stag-Do (for me) and finishing up with a wedding, but I'm back now. Let‚Äôs get down to business - I'm taking part in a Charity Boxing event... Continue Reading →

An introduction to Dynamo – taking Revit to the next level

Take Revit to the next level – Dynamo (software not the Magician)

And here is a great webinar to expand on this subject.

Let me know what you think

Tips, tricks and updates from the experts at Cadassist

Dynamo is a free-to-access visual programming extension which effectively takes Autodesk Revit to the next level by opening up the world of computational modelling. Computational BIM allows Revit users to:

  • Apply behaviours and logic to a model
  • Add rules via visual interface
  • Build a system, not just a model
  • Extend to other applications

An increasing number of Cadassist clients are using Dynamo with exciting results, saving large amounts of time by improving the transition from concept to design, exploring more design alternatives and introducing more automation to reduce rework.   Take a look at our webinar on Dynamo that includes real-world examples from Kohn Pedersen Fox, AHMM, BDP and Grimshaw Architects.

To help Revit users take advantage of this transformational technology, we launched a new range of Dynamo courses in November 2015.  So far, the feedback has been terrific.  Here is an example:

“Absolutely fantastic . . . the Advanced Data Management course in particular has huge…

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The Autodesk Applications Manager is Dead, Long Live the Autodesk Desktop App.

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Tips, tricks and updates from the experts at Cadassist

As you may know the Autodesk applications manager is a content delivery solution for all of your product updates.  It sits in the bottom corner of your PC popping up every now and again with a big list of all of the updates available for your products, which is great.  It kept your Autodesk software up to date with service packs, hotfixes and security updates, unfortunately it lumped everything together in one long list and could be quite frustrating if you only used Inventor from your product design suite but there were updates for all of the other software packages in the list that you had to go through to get to the ones you actually needed.

App manager 1

With the release of Autodesk’s 2017 (and backwards to 2015 releases) product offerings this system is being replaced with the Autodesk Desktop Application. It’s the same thing; content delivery, but different, granular updates…

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