Vault Data Standards – Cost Avoidance by Standardisation

Its amazing what you find out when you have time to sit back and think.

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The What?

Vault Data Standard, is a subscription only add-in for Vault Workgroup and Professional that allows custom scripts to ensure the standardisation of documents created in Inventor, AutoCAD and Vault. Notice the use of documents, not parts, assemblies or drawings but all documents.

The Why?

standardised thinkerWe engineers are a funny bunch, some like standardisation; it removes us from the mundane tasks like part naming and numbering, project folder creation, presentation creation etc.… It’s all just there, done, complete, only needing the engineering data plugging in. This allows us to focus on the engineering tasks like, how do we make this stronger but lighter? Where can I remove cost but increase quality? This type of engineer often misses the need for a company branding and its impact on a customer, opting for a blank sheet of paper with lots of text based information. After all data is king, is…

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