5 key reasons for buying a Product Design Suite over Individual Component Software

To Suite or not to Suite? That is the Question.

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Generally when you buy a suite of something you get more “Bang for your buck”.

Standard room vs a Suite suite1

Microsoft Word vs Microsoft Office


Inventor vs Product Design Suite


It’s clear that you get more for your money, but what are the real life advantages?  Here are my top 5 reasons for buying a Product Design Suite over individual component software.

  •  Full Product Lifecycle – With individual software packages you generally complete one segment of a process, maybe 30% at a push; write a report in Word, calculate in Excel, present in PowerPoint, etc. The individual programs get a job done but a suite enables you to complete the whole process; from concept sketch to marketing and sales data in one set of products.productdesignsuite blog1
  •  Electrical and Mechanical integration – With Product Design Suite Ultimate you can design a harness in Inventor and create an electrical schematic in AutoCAD Electrical…

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