Boxing and Business

Watching “normal” people train for a charity boxing event gives you great insight into what it takes to succeed. Budding pugilists to professional trainers, the team works.

Stealth UK Boxing Promotions raises money for Help for Heroes by arranging charity boxing events. Competitors complete a rigorous 8 week training plan and then face the ultimate test, stepping through the ropes to compete against someone equally matched in size, skill and experience.
I wasn’t at a stage in my life to take part, but I was there from the beginning, watching the story unfold. Here is what I learned.

  1. People come together for a good cause. Help for Heroes is a great cause and the guys all pulled together to smash their target by over 70%. Explain what your goal is and how it affects the business, people will buy in and with this achieve more than expected.
  2. Normal people can become superstars with the right motivation. I saw a 19 year old student turn into Anthony Joshua and a 36 year old Engineer turn into Mike Tyson. All 16 participants were stars for the night. When people are motivated the right way the opportunities for success are in their hands.
  3. Organisation is key. In the background there is someone pulling the strings and it’s all their fault, or their success. Plan to succeed and success will follow, you can’t win without completing the tasks laid out in an organised fashion, or a leader to manage the tasks.
  4. Its not easy to make something like this work and work well. It’s also not easy making target weights or passing the skills tests needed in a short, 8 week period. Hard work goes a long, long way. Success is earned.Hard Work
  5. Even non-combatants can get sucked in. I lost 8lb in 8 weeks just being close to this team, working towards this one goal. I also woke up at 5:30am on the morning of the fight, nervous for the lads I’d trained alongside and the challenge they faced that evening. Motivating others by leading from the front. Showing what success looks like will foster more success, and pull others onto the right track.

Stealh UK Boxing Promotions Charity Event-51With the right training and motivation anything is possible. The person behind all of this is an Ex-Army Officer, an Infantry Captain who boxed successfully in the army, left to be an educator and decided to start his own business, helping others to realise their goals and help the local community. Now a director of two businesses, AC Fitness Industries Ltd and Stealth UK Boxing Promotions, Anthony Carr conceptualised, planned and completed a truly amazing night for both boxers and spectators.

WStealh UK Boxing Promotions Charity Event-140ith two servicemen Sgt Done and Cpl Harrison of the 1st Battalion (CHESHIRE) Mercian Regiment, also boxers in the army, offering help and advice in the corners for all of the boxers, this was a truly military operation. 

One of them (Sgt Done) is transitioning to civilian life after suffering a severe back injury which has left him with no feeling in his left foot. Help for Heroes is supporting him, so the choice of charity to support hit close to home.

This has taught me that you only need one person with the vision to succeed, the right goal and a group of like-minded people to achieve something great. When the movement is done in the right way, it even sucks people in that are not directly involved and that is what you want within a high performing team.

Find inspiration where you can to help you achieve your goals.Stealh UK Boxing Promotions Charity Event-124

You can check for future events on Stealth UK Boxing Promotions on Facebook or on their webpage, Help for Heroes can be found at

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