An introduction to Dynamo – taking Revit to the next level

Take Revit to the next level – Dynamo (software not the Magician)

And here is a great webinar to expand on this subject.

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Dynamo is a free-to-access visual programming extension which effectively takes Autodesk Revit to the next level by opening up the world of computational modelling. Computational BIM allows Revit users to:

  • Apply behaviours and logic to a model
  • Add rules via visual interface
  • Build a system, not just a model
  • Extend to other applications

An increasing number of Cadassist clients are using Dynamo with exciting results, saving large amounts of time by improving the transition from concept to design, exploring more design alternatives and introducing more automation to reduce rework.   Take a look at our webinar on Dynamo that includes real-world examples from Kohn Pedersen Fox, AHMM, BDP and Grimshaw Architects.

To help Revit users take advantage of this transformational technology, we launched a new range of Dynamo courses in November 2015.  So far, the feedback has been terrific.  Here is an example:

“Absolutely fantastic . . . the Advanced Data Management course in particular has huge…

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