Boxing and Business V2

Hi Everyone,

I’m back again, finally, with a blog post about a boxing event (not lean or design, sorry). Life got in the way, Hen-Do (for the wife), Stag-Do (for me) and finishing up with a wedding, but I’m back now.


Let’s get down to business – I’m taking part in a Charity Boxing event on the 30th of July at Middleton Arena, just outside Manchester.



This is a call to arms, this time I will be getting punched in the face.

Soon I will be asking you for help, I need to raise a minimum of £100 in sponsorship money, sell 15 seats at the arena and lose 2 stone to qualify to fight. I also have to be able to prove my prowess in the ring. Over the next 8 weeks I have to learn how to host a reasonable attack (important) defend myself from a reasonable attack (more important), and be able to do this for 3 rounds without passing out (most important). If any of you know me this is going to be a mammoth test.

The biggest challenge for me, the food lover, is that I have to lose about a two stone, for our non-UK reader, that’s about 12kg or 26lb, in just 8 weeks.

I had my first weigh in on the 4th of June at 18st 8lb or 118kg. That’s about 1.5kg/3.3 lb per week to reach my target weight of 16st 6lb or 106kg

Now here’s the bad bit, sorry if your eating, this is an image of where I started on the 4th of June 2016, I’ll do updates at key times through the program.

starting weight

I said last time in this blog post, I lost 8lb in 8 weeks and I wasn’t competing, I just got sucked in by the team that was. I’m hoping that the fear of being hit in the face (or my need to avoid being hit in the face) helps with some extra weight loss.

As I said it’s for charity, no-one is getting rich from this so dig deep when asked people. Its being run by the same team Stealth UK Boxing Promotions on Facebook or on their webpage, and it’s for the same charity Help for Heroes.

You can get mini updates of my progress, development, thoughts and feelings through this on this blog, follow me on twitter, connect on LinkedIn, G+ and Facebook or Friend me on Fitbit. Updates will be small and regular.

Please feel free to leave questions and comments below, and I hope to be seeing you all soon.

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