A benefit of an Autodesk Account – Inventor Idea Station

Idea Station, is a great way to change the products you use to suit you. Mass customisation at its best.

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I recently taught Autodesk Inventor Professional to 11 engineers from a new customer – A-Safe from Elland just a little west of Leeds.

In each of my classes, I have a quick section where I show things other than the software being trained to show the other benefits that your Autodesk account has.

One of those benefits is the Idea Station.

Now what is an Idea Station? Autodesk have a virtual wish list for many of the Autodesk products you can find the Idea stations here then navigate to the product that you have an amazing idea for or want to find out if someone else has had an idea that you can help to become a reality.

Now I did a quick calculation, in my head so it may not be correct, but between 60-80% of improvements over the last 4 years in the Autodesk software I use daily…

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