A Brilliant day. 

It’s small things that make a day great. Here is what a brilliant day looks like for me. 

I had a lie in, 8:15am, woke up on my own rather than with the shouting or crying of the kids. The wife did the same 15 minutes later. Down stairs and a coffee in us. 

Kids come down stairs, get a simple brioche breakfast with a fruit juice. 

Sat watched tv, chilled out with a coffee for an hour, scanning social media and playing games on my iPad.

Realised I was at boxing today, had a decent session with my trainer, Ant, learning how to get into range without getting hit, too often 😀. Got a great story about having to “show” things in the army when you’d done something wrong. For example, your boots are dirty, your colour Sargent would tell you to “show” clean boots in the evening at an inspection with everyone else who needed to show. There were some more interesting examples 😳 that would seem weird written down. I may start doing this with my kids though, it seems like a good idea. I love these chats about things I never knew existed, I learn more in my 1 hour per week of one on one time, than I do on a normal day. 

Got to podcast Zero, which means I’ve listened to all of the podcasts I have subscribed to, until I finished boxing and opened my podcast app and there was one there from Steve Glaveski of Future Squared on growth, Brexit and the current state of the world. So I had to press play and try to get back to Zero waiting podcasts. 

Got set up for Christmas, the tree is up, the garlands are out and it was great time with the family listening to Christmas tunes and having fun. 

Now we’re off out to buy something for tea, and some treats for me and the wife to watch a film with later. Shhhhhhh don’t tell the kids. 😏

I love days like this after a busy week. Thank you everyone involved in making today brilliant.

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