What does a Boxer need to survive?

I box for fun, not getting punched in the face fun, but getting fit and having a laugh in a group fun. This costs me a bit of money, not alot, but when you add it all up, its not cheap.

For example – In an ideal world I train 3 times a week, some times 2, but definitely 1, depending on family and work commitments. I need shorts, vest/t-shirts, trainers, boxing boots, gloves, mouth guard, hand wraps, head guard, groin guard.

  1. Gloves x2 per year – £40,
  2. Shorts x3 – £10,
  3. Vest/T-Shirt x3 – £7-£10,
  4. Trainers x2 – £40,
  5. Boots x1 – £30,
  6. Mouth Guard – £12,
  7. Hand Wraps x3 – £5-£7,
  8. Head Guard – £15,
  9. Groin Guard – £7 – I value my brain more than my nuts obviously.

Now this tots up to about £300 per year for basic equipment alone, for me, a part time, doing it for fun, cheap skate. I buy my equipment in sales, as and when I can afford it. This isn’t life for me, its something I do for fun, like buying a playstation game, or a coffee cup for brews at work. Imagine what that’s like for a young lad/lass starting out? Now imagine your a national champion for your age/weight traveling all over the country fighting the best people at your level. Would you be buying a £7 groin guard? Nope neither would I.

Elliot Done made his boxing debut on December 2014, between Dec-2014 and Dec-2015 Elliot had a record of 4 bouts with 1 win. Elliot moved to Darlington ABC #DBC and by July 2016 he had won the National Schoolboys Title at 56kg and then went onto win the Monkstown International Box Cup out in Dublin. He’s had 5 bouts for #DBC and won all 5. He now sits with a record of 9 bouts 6 wins.


Photo: Elliot Done, Tasif Khan, Sergeant Major Mark Hill MBE, Simon Done (Elliot’s father) and Naz Hussain SHAPE-UK Ltd.See the full story – Risedale Sports College

Elliot boxes again on Friday in Birmingham and has been selected for an England Development Training Squad, he also is now part of their Pathway Development Programme which is judged on both Technical and Tactical abilities of the selected boxers and is supported by England coaches, with functional training camps through the year dedicated to bringing on the next generation of amateur boxers.

How much would you pay for national advertising multiple times per year, not to mention social media shares on a regular basis to over 10,000 people. You can have this pretty simply and support a young athlete to pursue their dreams. Elliot will do this with sponsorship or not he has a great support structure in place from Darlington ABC, friends, family, especially his parents, Simon and Terri Done.


Alpha Cars (North Yorkshire) Ltd are jumping on the back of Elliot’s success and helping to support his dreams. They get local and national recognition/advertising, global if the stats on this site are anything to go by. It also helps Elliot and his family, massively, to fund equipment and more importantly protection (Groin/Head/Mouth) and support (Hands/Feet/Ankles). I know how much Elliot and his family appreciate the support they are getting from Simone Ward and her Dad at Alpha.

I know how important good protection and support is, I injured my ankle 3 months ago from an awkward fall and I’m still limping now, better boxing boots may have stopped this from happening. I’m glad I had Simon Done (Elliot’s Dad) in my corner when this happened. As you can see below.


If you would like to join Alpha Cars to support Elliot prepare for the future and get local, national and global recognition for yourself and your business you can contact me through the contact page, via twitter @poostix2003 or contact Simon directly through Facebook.

2 thoughts on “What does a Boxer need to survive?

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  1. Sorry, hold up, your mouth guards are HOW MUCH??
    It’s a little sad that if you want to pursue a physical activity it is prohibitively expensive, unless you’re one of those Cinderella stories.

    I’m just glad that your intentions behind boxing are the same as mine. I’m starting to feel like one heckuva fake with boxing these days.

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    1. I get different ones for different things. When I’ve got a chance of being hit hard I spend a little more, I do however think it’s funny that I spend more on my mouth guard than I have on my groin guard. It’s all about pushing hard when you need to but having fun the rest of the time for me. There’s a fight coming up in March so it will get serious from January. 😉

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