It's small things that make a day great. Here is what a brilliant day looks like for me.  I had a lie in, 8:15am, woke up on my own rather than with the shouting or crying of the kids. The wife did the same 15 minutes later. Down stairs and a coffee in us.  Kids... Continue Reading →

Hi Everyone,  This is to anyone who follows LeanintoDesign. First off thank you for clicking ! If it weren't for you guys there would be no reason for me to do this. This blog just got over 60 visitors a day two days running. Which is a massive achievement.  As you can probably tell I'm... Continue Reading →

Hi Everyone, I'm back again, finally, with a blog post about a boxing event (not lean or design, sorry). Life got in the way, Hen-Do (for the wife), Stag-Do (for me) and finishing up with a wedding, but I'm back now. Let’s get down to business - I'm taking part in a Charity Boxing event... Continue Reading →

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