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From Product to Collection – All you need to know.

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What is he talking about? I’m guessing that’s the question on your mind right now?

Autodesk are offering the capability to upgrade from a single product, think Inventor/Revit to an Industry Collection at almost no additional cost. Then have decided that the future of products is in offering a wider range of products focused on specific industry segments, with the option to supplement these offerings with cross segment software easily, if needed. They have also decided to make it easier to load and unload products/services as and when you need them.

One benefit for example – If you have a 3 month peak of work, hire in contract engineers, hire the software they need, and once the peak has leveled off, turn off the additional workers, the software and the payments. It’s like adding sky sports to your subscription for the football season and removing it to save money in…

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