Boxing update – Today is the day

Ok so I’ve missed a week of writing. Don’t worry it will come in droves after the fight, I’ve just been focusing on the doing not the documenting this week. 

This week has all been about the slow movements that have now been forced into my subconscious. Jab, chin down. Roll, guard up. 1, 2, step. All at half pace so that my body can process and store all of the movements into muscle memory. (I hope). 

I learn a specific way, I participated in a train the trainer course recently where I discovered this about myself. I have to see then do, get it wrong, repeat, repeat, repeat, until….. see then do, get it right. It’s the way it’s been since I was about 5. Anthony my trainer and coach will tell you the same, it takes me about 6-8 weeks to put together a simple combination. Even then I don’t get it right all the time, but once it’s in there my body remembers it forever. So this week has mostly been dancing around the kitchen, 1,2,hook, pivot, reset, step in, step in, 1,2, step out, right hand, left hook, pivot, reset. Etc… and making weight. I forgot I’ve not spoken to you all about the final weigh it. 

I started this program at 118kg 8 weeks ago, I weighed in on Thursday. My target was 106kg, I came in at 105.3kg beating the target by 0.7kg that’s almost 13kg, or 2 stone, or 24lb however you measure it, in just 8 weeks. 

The reason I could make this weight is the guys I’m training with. The Whatsapp group, the extra training sessions, discussing the extra they are doing, even having a 40 minute conversation about the food we miss, it’s all motivation. Constantly pushing each other to be the best we can be, laughs, jokes, banter, grief, tips, tricks, support, this is how men make friends. Now all we need is a fight and a few beers to solidify that friendship. Ha ha ha

Remember though the guy you have been training side by side with, having a laugh with, arranging to go out for a beer/burger with, is going to punch you in the face in less than 12 hours. Look to your left, look to your right, you may not be with friends but if you are, could you imagine having a stand up fight with any of the guys or girls your with right now? It’s a strange situation to be in. 

I’ve been quiet all week. Quiet at work, quiet at home, quiet in the gym, quiet on social media. Now I’m not a quiet guy, so my quiet may not actually be quiet, but for me I’ve noticed. I’ve realised this is fear of the Unknown, knowledge that I’m going to get punched in the face for 6 whole minutes. I’d forgot about this bit, because of all of training to make weight, now that’s complete, its at the front of my mind. All consuming. 

I know it’s the same for the others, how? Because as I’m writing this one of them is out burning off nervous energy on a walk and one has just had a bath and is watching a film. It’s 5 am, most of us have kids and we’re all up before the little terrors. What you have to remember is we are not fighters, we’re builders, managers, engineers, sales men, couriers, plumbers, students, accountants, guys that work for a living every day. This is extraordinary, well done everyone. Remember that we are extraordinary.

As always follow me on Twitter for bite sized updates. There will probably be a lot of updates on there tonight. I’ll need to do something to take my mind off things. 

And wish me luck, I’m off now to do some last minute motivational film watching then some shadow boxing. 

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  1. Are you ever concerned that learning the combinations by rote will make you a little inflexible as a fighter? Unable to quickly change up the combo where an opportunity presents itself?

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    1. Yep, i like routines but do fear that I’ll only be able to do those routines. But it’s the routine that sets the basics in stone. Variants of these basics come with the experience in the ring. I don’t have that yet so I’m hoping that the basics being right will cover most eventualities. Worst case I get into a spot where I’ve lost my head and can’t remember a thing, a decent basic jab or a 1,2, step right. without thinking about it may just come in handy. 🙂


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