Weekly Boxing update – Making Weight, or trying to?

I’m trying to hit a target. 106kg, for some this may be easy, for others, like myself, may seem like a real stretch target. I work in an office where the average weight is probably 20kg less than my target. 

I have to hit 106kg for the boxing on the 30th of July. We completed our penultimate weigh in last night. 

Remember this was probably the hottest day of the year so far. 

How did I do. Well, I weighed myself at 19:00 at home and come in at 110.1kg. I did not have my happy face on. So I proceeded to put the little kids to bed, gave them a kiss and cuddle.

Time to get ready, Vest top tucked into my running tights, random t-shirt, tucked into my basketball shorts, sleeveless hoodie over all of that. Then on went the sweat suit. Just walking down stairs had sweat streaming down my arms. It was 32 degrees C. 

I’ve been drinking a lot of water lately, around 6-8 litres per day. That’s 6-8kg of water into my body every day for 3 days now. 

It’s 7:15pm on Thursday, I sling my bag over my shoulder press play on a random Apple music running playlist and set off to the gym for training. I seem to stop running more often today. After about a mile and a half I’m a bit dizzy, so I slow it down, walking more than running, the hood comes down to release some heat. That didn’t help. I made it to the gym, 2.43 miles in just over 30 minutes. For me that’s pretty quick, especially in this heat. Wow, I’m hot, off with the sweat suit and hoodie, I’m on the floor now, outside the gym, laid on my back, head on my bag. Weirdly the floor is very comfortable tonight. I can’t talk much for the first couple of minutes. People start turning up, energy levels peak a bit as my heart rate drops back to baseline and I cool down. Yay. It’s time to go in and get weighed. 

107.8kg, that’s the number that flashed up on the scales, just 7 weeks ago it was over 118kg. That’s 10kg, 22lb, in just 7 weeks. I decide I want to weigh in at the end of the session as well. 

It’s hot in the gym, no air-con, a small space and 12-15 men working out, fans become a commodity, men taking turns walking in front for a couple of seconds of relief between rounds. It’s 2 minutes on, 1 minute off tonight, with longer water breaks every 3-4 rounds. Health and safety is a priority with Stealthukboxing, but so is working hard, when we are in a round, were in a round. 

At the end of the session a couple of us weigh in again. I hit 106.8kg, 3.3kg of sweat left my body between 7pm and 9pm last night. Elated I get ready to run home, the first 5 minutes are great, nice pace, good temp then I hit a wall. After about a 2 miles I call my wonderful wife and ask for a lift. I just couldn’t get that last half mile out of my reserves. 

I weigh myself again at home just to check if my scales are 3kg high or something, I can’t have lost 3kg in sweat can I? 106.4kg. They are right and the water loss is real. I’ll probably be 110kg again tonight. Watch this space. 

The very good things happening right now. I’ve stopped smoking which has had an amazing effect on my resting heart rate. Down to 53bpm from 65bpm in 30 days. Amazing. If your smoking right now. Stop, I’m not going to be “that guy” so this is all I’ll say on the matter, stop smoking as soon as you possibly can.  

As always you can catch up on my progress in bite sized chunks on Twitter

Please feel free to comment, like, share, offer advice or just random chat. I’ll speak to you all soon. 

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