Hi there everyone, I've had a tough couple of weeks, preparing for a couple of training sessions and a technical demonstration, trying to think of ways to  increase customer engagement and having severe impostor syndrome. If you don't know what impostor syndrome is its when you are in a position but you think that they... Continue Reading →

I box for fun, not getting punched in the face fun, but getting fit and having a laugh in a group fun. This costs me a bit of money, not alot, but when you add it all up, its not cheap. For example - In an ideal world I train 3 times a week, some... Continue Reading →

I'm using Co-Schedule free for 14 days to see if it does anything to my social profile. I've been asking people how they see me through my online profile prior to signing up and I'm going to ask again afterwards to see if the results have worked in both the digital and the real world,... Continue Reading →

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