Boxing Weekly Update – The Struggles

There are only five weeks left until fight night, thats just 35 days before I’m in a ring with someone trying to punch me in the face and me trying to do the same to them. This realisation was a bit of a shock to me, even though I have a count down on my phone and daily reminders?

This post is about the minor struggles I’ve had to this point. Not an exhaustive list just some of the things I’ve noticed that seem to be bigger than the normal day to day worries. 

OK so this weekend is a family weekend, where am I going to fit sparring and workouts???? I’ve never asked this question before in my life. On a Normal week if I miss a session, its not a big deal, but there are no normal weeks any more. Every minute needs to be planned, what am I eating, when am I eating, when can I work out, what type of session is it, have I done enough or should I put in another 30 minutes. I still have 6kg to lose, this weekend is going to be a challenge.

With a wedding photo showing for my Nana on Saturday (Sparring day) and a Christening on Sunday (rest day) for my Auntie Anita, my cousin Tracy and her son Maxwell. I don’t know what a cousins kid is called, but Nephew seems right to me so thats what he is, one cute little Nephew. 🙂 

It’s been a brilliant weekend…….but….

It’s been tough on my family. Not so much the kids but definitely my new wife. With training almost every day it doesn’t leave much time for us. This is my beautiful wife and I love her very much, I know it’s been hard on her especially. This will be the only thing I regret about this program. 

She’s very understanding but I know it’s getting to her. After the fight is over I will be showering her with time and attention. At the minute if I’m not training, I’m talking about training. If I’m not talking about training, I’m working, where I’m talking about training or food. It’s all consuming right now and I’m sure to not just me, all of the other fighters in this event will be in the same boat I’m sure. 

Being a full time sportsperson must be even tougher, my hats off to you all its a push to do this for a short period. I’m so glad I have a great support structure. Friends, family, coach and most importantly my wonderful wife. 

Now I’m done feeling sorry for myself and being a soppy git, the fight order has been confirmed. Paul Bailey and I are fighting 4th, enough time to get nervous before and enough to time to get drunk afterwards. 

Tickets can still be purchased through me for the time being but these will sell out fast. Please let me know if you would like one, or two, or 10. 🤗

Buying a ticket will enter you into a raffle to chose my walk out music. Anything you want. I’m not worried. Honestly, my Boxing name is “Truffle Shuffle” this was won by one of the donators to my just giving page, which is still accepting donations if you can’t make it. 😏 Find my Just Giving page here it’s for Help For Heroes of you don’t know what this charity is have a look here. They help service men and women back into civilian life from numerous situations. 

Make sure you go and check out the Stealth UK Boxing Promotions site Here, this is direct to the events page but please do have a look around. 

As always you can get mini updates from my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts but also leave a comment below and I’ll reply as soon as possible. 

Have a great day everyone. 

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