Road to greatness – Training injury No.1

Ok not a big update but a frustrating one. 

I’m not technically injured I just feel like it. 

Prickly Heat – where your body is telling you you’ve not sweat much before, so I’m going to make you look ugly with an all over body rash and itch like a bugger to try to put you off doing it again. 

Ok maybe it doesn’t work like that (the UK has just gone through a heat wave, it could be that?) 

My body is holding sweat under the skin causing irritation and a rash. This leads me to believe that it’s because I’ve not done this much excercise for a long time.

Is it going to stop me? Not a chance, I’m currently dressed for the gym and about to put the kids to bed before doing 30 minutes warm up, road running/HIIT, before I do an hour boxing. 

Screw you itchy rash I have weight to lose.

Please feel free to leave questions and comments below, and I hope to be seeing you all soon.


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